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Branding Mervyn’s BeachBash

In order to expand upon its core customer, Mervyn’s California decided to tap into the 18-25 year old demographic by proving to be at the top of its game in producing an annual extreme sports and music festival in Hermosa Beach, California. Mervyn’s launched this initiative from the ground up, featuring celebrity partnerships with Tony Hawk, corporate tie-ins with Nickelodeon Kids, and featured brand promotions with Reebok, Sideout, and more. Kellie Bambach, of Sparklefurry, took the creative lead by developing all marketing and sponsorship materials, identity design, print collateral and on-site development. In it’s first year, Beach Bash had over 180,000 attendees and ranks second to the X-Games.

Brand development included: Brand Development, Identity design, Business Suite (letterhead, envelope, folders) Sponsorship Package, Media Kit, Corporate Sponsorship, Celebrity Partnerships, Hospitality Package, Advertising,  Retail Circular, In-Store Signage, Branded Merchandise,  On-Site Signage, Concert Stage, Website