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Branding Uckele Health & Nutrition

BrandingUckeleNEWSparklefurry recently completed a rebrand in packaging Uckele’s Canine product line. Since some of my best friends have four legs, I can attest to the quality and value of Uckele’s products in both the equine and canine division. By using simple, clean design principles, this refresh in packaging helps to set this brand apart from its competition.

Prior to the canine brand refresh, Sparklefurry launched U-Balance, a new brand from Uckele Health & Nutrition. This packaging offers an updated, modern look to the equine supplement industry. By utilizing tightly cropped photography, the consumer has an immediate emotional connection to the subject matter. A 5 page editorial introduced the product by detailing it’s scientific basis of development. The six product lines are differentiated by a color coded grid which describes each of the supplements benefits.

Brand development included: brand strategy, print advertising, package design